If you do not want to resign to become bald, your resolve to have a hair transplant will be the first important step. But perhaps even more important will be the decision where you are going to have it done. There are numerous providers in the market and they all claim to offer the best solution. Why then, is the choice for Hairworld Istanbul without any doubt the only right one?

Hopefully, you came to us after doing extensive research and comparing all different providers. And hopefully, you are extremely critical in your assessment of what all these parties have to offer, meaning you can distinguish facts from fairy tales. Above all, remain this critical! Certainly, if you rate us. When we say that we offer the best solution, which in fact we do, take a good look at the arguments we use, scrutinize the evidence we provide and benefit from our transparency.

We are proud that we have successfully treated Dutch celebs such as Najib Amhali and Lange Frans, and that more and more people from all over the world are opting for Hairworld Istanbul. They do so with good reason!


The choice for Hairworld Istanbul is the choice for guaranteed success. For years now we have been the only one in the market to apply our unique FUE CT (link) hair transplantation technique, and we have proven to achieve the best results in the market. A survey that was carried out in 2018-2019 on 684 patients that had been treated by us, showed that we have a success rate of over 97%. This means that the FUE CT technology stands head and shoulders above all other techniques in the market that achieve much lower percentages.


An important success factor of our FUE CT method is the customization that we provide based on our 30 unique protocols. Each protocol offers a proven, surefire solution for all possible situations, from scalp problems, weak donor hairs, and problems with the blood circulation of the scalp, to an exhausted donor area. Regardless of your situation, we offer you tailor-made and accurate treatment based on the correct protocol.

In offering tailor-made solutions, Hairworld Istanbul goes much further than all other institutes. For instance, Hairworld Istanbul is the only one in the market that has successfully treated a large number of people with frizzy hair, including the famous singer Brace (link to video), Simone Kapel (link ), Lorenzo Elstak (link) and soon also footballer Royston Drenth (link to video).

Recovery operations

Another excellent proof of the strength of the FUE CT technique are without any doubt the recovery operations that Hairworld Istanbul regularly performs on clients who have been treated by other institutes and are dissatisfied with the result. Even customers who have already had three or four transplants and are often at a loss can be treated successfully.

A striking example is Edwin van Wooning, the director of the Dutch Hair Foundation who, before he came to us, had already been treated four times at other institutes (2 x FUE technology, 1 x hair stem cell and 1 x Acell). Despite all those treatments, he was still not happy with the result. We managed to achieve just that with our FUE CT technique. In one single recovery treatment!

Another good example is the recovery operation that we carried out on Dean Saunders. He had undergone no less than 5 stem cell treatments at another institute and was still not satisfied. After one single recovery operation with our FUE CT method, he now has a full head of hair again and is very happy with the result.

Choose without risk

While the examples of Edwin and Dean are the ultimate proof of the strength of our FUE CT method, they also show how risky the wrong choice of institute can be. This may mean that you will have to undergo up to four or five treatments to get the desired result, not only at the expense of your wallet but also at the expense of your donor area. And a mistake is easily made because all institutes promise you mountains of gold. Until you discover that you have been misled and that those beautiful golden mountains are in fact no more than molehills.

If you are now considering where to undergo your first treatment, you do not have to run that risk. If you decide to have your hair transplant performed by Hairworld Istanbul, you will have the best chance of getting the optimum result in one go.

Ready in one go

A big advantage of FUE CT treatment is that you will be ready in one go. The most important reason for this is that we harvest up to 70% multi-grafts so that we can achieve the best density of the transplanted hairs. In other clinics 3000 grafts are equal to only 3000 hairs, the same number of (multi) grafts at Hairworld Istanbul is equal to more than 8000 hairs. Anyone need to do the maths?

Optimal guidance from start to finish

Once you have decided to have your hair transplant done by Hairworld Istanbul, we will do our utmost to make your treatment run as efficiently and smoothly as possible. We will do this by optimally guiding you from start to finish. We will support you in the preparation of your trip to Istanbul, you will be guided on-site by one of our 7 Dutch-speaking employees, and in the period after the treatment, you are assured of complete and professional aftercare provided by Dutch BIG-registered doctors.

The facts speak for themselves

Perhaps you are familiar with the stories of Dutch celebrities like Lange Frans, Najib Amhali and Mr. Polska who shared their experiences with Hairworld Istanbul on TV. We are proud that we were able to treat them successfully. But we are just as proud of the results we have achieved with all those thousands of men from all over the world who preceded you in their choice for Hairworld Istanbul. Many of them have shared their experiences with our institute by writing a review. Read their personal stories (link to KIYOH.nl) and look at the before and after pictures of numerous clients treated by us. Be convinced by the facts that speak for themselves!