The FUE CT hair transplant for Najib Amhali

FUE CT hair transplant for Najib Amhali. Najib Amhali has been a household name in the Netherlands for years. In addition to being a comedian, he is now also frequently seen in TV shows and has recently even started his own TV program.

Hair transplant Rutger Vink

After the treatment, I immediately could visualize how it would be and that made me emotional

Hair transplant Lange Frans

Lange Frans, or Frans Christiaan Frederiks (Amsterdam, November 12, 1980), is a Dutch rapper and tv-presentator. From 2004 to 2009 he formed a hiphop duo with Baas B. Lange Frans grew up in Diemen. In addition to his work as a rapper, he is also one of the faces of tv channel Veronica. He hosted the programs My Best Friends, Veronica Poker, Lange Frans asks parliamentary questions, Fobiac and Face it.

Hair transplant Brace

Eddy Brace Rashid MacDonald, born in Surabaya on August 23 1986, is a Dutch singer. He started his singing career as Brace and grew up in Amsterdam. On a national level, he made his mark together with Lange Frans & Baas B. Their single ‘Moppie’ became a big hit. After that, Brace had many hits, along with Ali B and Yes R. They were at the top in the Netherlands

The end result of Stef Ekkel!

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I’m very happy, all bald spots are now filled up!

Dominik Wlodzimierz Groot, born in Torun on July 20, 1989 in Poland, better known by his stage name Mr. Polska, is a Dutch-Polish rapper. Dominik studied at the Herman Brood Academy, which he completed in 2010. In 2007 he released an album under his own name called MC Polski.

I do not wear caps, even when I haven’t combed my hair. I’m so happy with my head of hair!

Nesim Ahmadi was born in the Netherlands in Terneuzen and moved to Belgium in 2005. Until 2013 Nesim lived in Ghent. Under his rap alias Najih he made a number of tracks and became known for his participation in several editions of a recurring competition in freestyle rap called Punch Out Battles.

A bizarre feeling that something like this is accomplished in a day

Rick Paul van Mulligen, 37 years old. Actor. In addition to many stage roles, Rick is mainly known from the Great Improvisation Show, A’dam-E.V.A. (Drama series) and Rundfunk.

See the results after 5 months

Cammaert was born in Bornem, province of Antwerp. Then he moved to the Netherlands. Cammaert graduated in 2006 from the Amsterdam School of Drama and Kleinkunstacademie.

Everyone gets surprised when seeing all that hair each time! It also becomes more and I seem to look 5 years younger

Gregor is an online entrepreneur and broker. He makes a lot of videos on Youtube and is very active on Instagram.