Are you considering eye laser surgery in Turkey?

We offer eye laser treatment in Turkey with a 2-night package. So you fly to Turkey, undergo the treatment and spend 2 nights in Turkey. If you want to request a loan for eye treatment, you can submit a request to Cosmetic Finance via https://cosmeticfinance.nl/

Thanks to eye laser treatment, wearing glasses or lenses is a thing of the past. Thanks to the new techniques, almost all eye disorders can be treated. The harvesting strength will be corrected by means of a computer-controlled laser. Nowadays the accuracy and predictability are at such a high level that undergoing this procedure is very safe. Choose the No. 1 eye laser clinic in Turkey. 

Choose for the eye laser surgery in Turkey  

Nowadays more and more people choose to have their eyes lasered in Turkey. Turkey is very popular for undergoing a cosmetic procedure. Other popular cosmetic procedures in Turkey include hair transplant treatment and rhinoplasty. The main advantage of undergoing such an operation in Turkey is the cost advantage. Due to the less expensive staff and lower housing costs, it is often possible to save up to 50% of the treatment price. 

Moreover, Turkey has more experience with eye laser surgery than all other European countries. Within 20 years, Turkey has successfully completed more than 200,000 eye laser surgery operations in Istanbul alone. Most patients opt for treatment in Istanbul, thanks to this experience and high quality, in combination with the sharp prices. 

How do I find a suitable clinic for eye laser surgery? 

There are a large number of clinics in the Netherlands and abroad that can carry out this cosmetic treatment. For many people it is therefore difficult to make a good choice. At HairWorld Istanbul you are at the right address. In the hospital at Hairworld istanbul there is also an EYE LASER CENTER in Istanbul. 

Lasik eye surgery 

The technique to correct the shape of the cornea (refraction) has been perfected over the years. The LASIK eye surgery method was an important development in this industry. For the first time, an effective, accurate and at the same time painless eye laser treatment was possible. Wave front (the newest method) goes even further. With the latest three-dimensional technique, all deviations are mapped and subsequently corrected in detail. 

What does LASIK mean? 

LASIK (Abbreviation for Laser in situ Keratomileusis) became the most preferable and successfully apphttps://www.hairworldistanbul.com/ogen-laseren/lied refractive surgery technic for treatment of vision defects. Worldwide, more https://www.hairworldistanbul.com/ogen-laseren/than 5 million people have already been operated using this technique. In Germany alone, more than 100.000 people are being operated yearly. 

The LASIK treatment only takes a few minutes and is almost pain-free. 

What to expect? 

Following a detailed briefing speech with the patient, the attending physician will carry out a series of pre-inspections, in order to obtain all of the important data required for the planned intervention. Firstly the existing structure, curvature and thickness of the cornea are precisely measured with the aid of a computer diagnosis system. 

How does LASIK function? 

A slender slice (0,12 mm) of the cornea tissue is folded in a computer assisted way, in order to reach the inside of the cornea. 

Thereafter, the folded cornea tissue is repositioned and flapped back into position. 

The underlying deeper cornea layers are thereafter modelled, using the laser technology. 

The cornea tissue is folded back again, sticks by itself and protects the wound as an endogenous plaster. 

What is supracor? 

Supracor corrects long (distance) and short (near) sightedness simultaneously without derogating long sight. Moreover, undesired deviations in the pupil occur in other laser processes for the treatment of presbyopia which results in long sight derogation. Supracor aims to improve and treat the distance sight capacity, without experiencing any undesired visual disorders and light scattering. A decrease in the distance sight quality must be taken into consideration, if any other methods of presbyopia treatments are applied. This operation is recommended only to people over 45 years old. 

Eye Laser surgery in Turkey with a 2 night package 

We offer an eye laser treatment in Turkey with a 2 night package. You fly to Turkey, undergo the treatment and spend 2 nights in Turkey. 

Choose a treatment in an A-class hospital  

If you opt for eye laser surgery in Turkey at HairWorldIstanbul, you choose the best quality. This also applies to the hospital where you are being treated an A-class hospital of the highest class. 

Combine laser eye surgery Turkey with hair transplant Turkey? 

It is possible to undergo various cosmetic procedures at HairWorld Istanbul. In addition to eye laser treatment, we also offer a hair transplant. It is possible to combine these two cosmetic procedures. 

Result guarantee for eye laser treatment in Turkey 

As with the FUE CT hair transplantation method, a result guarantee is also given on the eye laser treatment. Because we use the latest equipment and highly experienced doctors to treat you, you can count on guaranteed results.