FUE CT Technique Hair transplantation

FUE CT Technique hair transplantation.

Thousands of people have experienced the benefits of the FUE CT hair transplant treatment.

HairWorld Istanbul guarantees the best hair transplant result with the FUE CT treatment

More than 15,000 people from different countries travel monthly to Istanbul for a hair transplant treatment. Did you know that the average customer satisfaction in Turkey is higher than in the Netherlands and Belgium? One important reason is that in Istanbul in one session more hairs can be transplanted.

HairWorld Istanbul is a leading hair trasnplant organisation and has the highest customer satisfaction.

In the year 2015, 2016 and 2017, HairWorld Istanbul has carried out more than 2100 FUE CT (circulation treatment) hair transplant treatments. Thanks to this new hair transplant method, customer satisfaction has been increased to as much as 97%.

This hair transplantation technique has been developed by HairWorld Istanbul.

Thanks to the impressive results, several well-known Dutch people are convinced to undergo a hair transplant with us. HairWorld Istanbul performs the treatments in an A-class hospital in Istanbul. The aftercare is given in a clinic in Vlaardingen and Oss. Both locations are located in the Netherlands.

What does FUE CT (circulation treatment) stand for and how is this created?

For 18 months We have been investigating 180 ex-hair transplant patients (patients who have undergone 1 or more hair transplants at different clinics). These patients had not obtained the desired result from previous FUE treatments.

More than 2 years of research has been done by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, pharmacists and hair transplant specialists from Istanbul and the Netherlands. A large proportion of these patients have had blood circulation problems.

After we researched these plants, our research and development team found a way to stimulated the blood flow of the scalp by applying the hair transplant FUE CT technique to these patients. Thanks to this technique, all these patients have returned their hair to satisfaction again.

After the first FUE CT hair transplant treatment is 97% customer satisfaction.

What does a FUE CT package mean?

The treatment consists of a combination of several acts together:

  • FUE CT Stimulants
  • Experience of the FUE CT team (each  individual can be applied to an other protocol)
  • Opening the skin ducts in a safer depth, where better blood flow is.
  • A nourishing and blood flow stimulant (stimulates scalp blood circulation) FUE CT 100% natural Hairgrow shampoo.
  • Especially for FUE CT treatment developed vitamins and minerals pills, at 100% natural basis.

The FUE CT treatment is characterised by placing the grafts in another layer of the scalp, where a better blood circulation is. This is combined with FUE CT stimulants. These stimulants stimulate the microblood circulation. The recovery process is greatly accelerated, resulting in the final result between the 6th and the 9th month.

An additional advantage of the FUE CT treatment is that the existing hairs will remain longer. This is especially seen in younger people. This conclusion has been drawn by several specialists after having treated 350 young patients in 3 years time.

FUE CT Stimulants

These stimulants stimulate microblood circulation and blood flow under the scalp. This ensures that the hair development will go 4 to 6 times faster.

Benefits of FUE CT hair transplantation

The main advantages of this innovative hair transplantation method:

  • Faster end result of the implanted hair.
  • Longer retain your own hair.
  • 97% customer satisfaction after one session.
  • The dormant hair follicles are activated.
  • Hair loss is stabilized.
  • The existing hair becomes fuller and stronger.
  • The maximum number of grafts can be transplanted in one treatment.

Thanks to the ingredients these FUE CT stimulantss are an outright hair growth booster. It makes the hair thicker, shining, longer and stronger. The FUE CT treatment package helps in a very effective way, when there have previously been problems with hair growth. It stimulates the blood flow of the scalp and growth of healthy and strong hair.

The FUE CT treatment package activates the dormant hair follicles, strengthens the hair roots and stimulates the blood flow of the scalp. Thanks to the FUE CT treatment package, the final result will be achieved within 6 to 9 months. Normally this takes about 12 to 18 months at the FUE CT technique.

For whom is the FUE CT hair transplant treatment suitable?

The FUE CT technique is intended for people who choose an optimal end result and do not want to run a risk for an unwanted result. Our advice is that you choose FUE CT technique at the first session. In this innovative technique we give satisfaction guarantee.

The FUE CT technique is also suitable for people who have undergone a hair transplant before, but without the desired result.

Satisfaction guarantee for FUE CT hair Transplant

Many well-known Dutchmen are still not satisfied with their FUE hair transplant result in other clinics, despite having spent high amounts of treatment. The FUE CT method is the solution.