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Rutger Vink 

Rutger Vink (Vlaardingen, 2 September 1989) – alias Furtjuh – is a Dutch YouTube celebrity. In 2012 Rutger started making videos and vlogs, which were originally intended as a schoolproject. In February 2017, he had more than 400,000 subscribers. Furtjuh makes songs, parodies, sketches and challenges. He also came in the news with a video about his coming out. In 2015, Vink won a VEED Award for the Best Male YouTuber and in 2016 he was nominated again. Rutger joined the RTL4 program, It Takes 2 in March 2016.

Hair transplant Rutger Vink in Turkey at HairWorld Istanbul
With the FUE CT hair transplant treatment, Rutger Vink follows the trend of Dutch celebrities. The FUE CT hair transplantation method is a method, developed by HairWorld Istanbul. In the meantime, thousands of people have successfully been treated with this technique. Thanks to this hair transplantation method you can immediately count on an optimal hair transplantation result.
Like many others, Rutger felt uncertain for a long time that he was becoming bald at a young age. He said: “It started at eighteen. I tried to hide it since then. That is really exhausting. There is nothing you can change about it. That is so frustrating. ”
It now appears that there is still something you can do about hair loss. In this case, Rutger Vink travelled to Turkey for a hair transplant.

Rutger Vink did everything to mask his hair loss
Rutger tried to accept his balding nature, but he did not succeed. He struggled every day with his baldness. With special hair spray and powders, he tried to mask the hair loss as much as possible. In addition, he often wore a cap. In his hair transplant videos, however, he took off his cap for the first time, without having done anything with his hair. It was indeed clear that he is suffering from hereditary hair loss. Firm inlets and a retracted hairline became clearly visible. For this reason, it was very brave that he dared to ‘expose’ himself to the whole of the Netherlands.

How did the FUE CT hair transplant from Rutger take place at HairWorld Istanbul?
Because Rutger simply could not accept that he would be bald, he decided to undergo a hair transplant in Istanbul. He indicated in his video that Istanbul is the mecca for hair transplants. He had two intake interviews in Vlaardingen at HairWorld Istanbul clinic before he decided to do something about his baldness. Rutger travelled with his friend Thomas to Turkey, where he had the FUE CT hair transplant. He is now walking around with a short haircut because his hair has been shaved short before the treatment. Rutger is now back in the Netherlands and now very happy with the result. The result will be optimal in 9 months after the hair transplant treatment. Rutger said: ‘I thought it was very crazy. But I am very happy. I would like to set the clock forward nine months ahead to see the end result.

Interview Rutger ;

Yilmaz  Kahraman: Rutger, why did you wanted to undergo a hair transplant?

Rutger Vink: My hair loss started at the age of 18, so for the greater part of my life I felt very limited. I was very embarrassed and very insecure. In addition, I was also overweight, but I could do something about that. When it came to my hair, I felt completely powerless. I really wanted to get rid of that feeling. I visited a hair transplant clinic 2 years ago, but I was not convinced about the clinic and its results. Two years later I met you and I was certain about your technique and results. It was still a time of thinking and waiting because it would be a big step for me, but eventually, I did it.

Yilmaz  Kahraman: How did you find the treatment?

Rutger Vink: I actually thought it was great. During the treatment, I had almost no pain at all. I was so relaxed that I slept a few times during the treatment. After the treatment, I could already see a vision of how it would look like and that made me a little emotional. I finally had a nice hairline, something I looked forward to almost all my life. The hotel I stayed in was beautiful and the food was delicious.

Yilmaz  Kahraman: Are you happy with the result so far? 

Rutger Vink: Yes, I am very happy. It’s been past a year and now I have a beautiful head full of hair again!