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Eddy Brace Rashid MacDonald, born in Surabaya on August 23 1986, is a Dutch singer. He started his singing career as Brace and grew up in Amsterdam. On a national level, he made his mark together with Lange Frans & Baas B. Their single ‘Moppie’ became a big hit. After that, Brace had many hits, along with Ali B and Yes R. They were at the top in the Netherlands.

Beertje van Beers: You had yourself treated 4 months ago. Why did you choose Hairworld Istanbul?

Brace: It was very special for me. I searched everywhere on the internet for clinics that could treat afro textured hair. Unfortunately, I could not find one clinic that did a afro textured hair transplant until I came across Hairworld Istanbul. I saw a movie of a man who suddenly had an afro. I simply could not believe it. I said to myself, I should just do it!

Beertje van Beers: That’s very nice! 3309 grafts have been implanted during your procedure. Can you tell me how everything went?

Brace: Yes, super! I’ve been waiting to do this treatment for so long, but did not know what to expect until I arrived in Istanbul. There are very lovely people, I felt really comfortable there and they know exactly what they are doing. You notice the clinic is very clean, everyone sticks to the rules. Hygiene is of high importance.

I stayed in a nice hotel, was completely spoiled and reassured. I got a folder that showed me exactly what time I could go eat, what time they would picked me up, etc. I had roomservice, as a matter of fact I really enjoyed the Turkish hospitality. Turkish people really want to take care of you and I am very grateful for that.

I got a lot of information about what was going to happen. After all, you feel super vulnerable. At one moment you are treated and then next you have ‘hair’. I must confess that I did something that was not allowed by the doctor. I had a photo shoot where I had shaved my hair to make the front and back equal. Won’t advise anyone to do that. For me it is still good, but there may be better results if you listen to the doctor.