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dean saundersFUE CT hair transplantation Dean Saunders at Hairworld Istanbul
More and more Dutch celebrities are choosing for a hair transplant at HairWorld Istanbul. Read here why.

Why did Dean Saunders choose a hair transplant at HairWorld Istanbul?
Dean Saunders has been in the news frequently in recent years. This makes him a subject of discussion, especially about his hair. Dean Saunders has even appeared on Shownews and other programs several times with his hair transplant treatments. Though he had undergone five hair transplant treatments, Dean was still not happy with the results. You are probably wondering how this is possible, because after a single treatment you should be able to have a nice result.

During a recent interview with HairWorld Istanbul he said: “I met a friend and fellow singer, Sander Jaman and asked him; How he got so much hair in one treatment? You have more hair on your head than I have in 5 hair transplants. “Jaman talked about the unique hair transplant method at HairWorld Istanbul, the FUE CT hair transplant method. Dean was very impressed and now also opts for this method.

For the 6th time a hair transplant for Dean Saunders?
Dean has undergone 4 different hair stem cell transplant and one FUE hair transplantation method. To improve the result, this was combined with a micro hair pigmentation treatment afterwards. Yet the result was disappointing. The total investment had risen to more than € 40,000. And then another hair transplant?

More than € 40,000 invested in a new head of hair
A beautiful BMW 3-series has now been invested. This is of course a huge amount, but it is important that you are satisfied with the result. Dean has now chosen for the unique FUE CT hair transplantation method, combined with a hair transplant with chest hair, to get a even better result.

HairWorld istanbul more than 10 times cheaper
HairWorld Istanbul with the unique FUE CT hair transplantation method is able to get a better result in one treatment than the 5 other hair transplants methods that Dean has chosen.

Finally it was so far, Dean Saunders went to Istanbul for a FUE CT hair transplant
The hair transplant of Dean Saunders is finished. A total of 4,725 grafts were transplanted in 9 hours. We would prefer to go 9 months ahead of time, because then we can see the end result.