Hair transplant of vlogger Nesim

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Nesim Najih

Hair transplant of vlogger Nesim

Young men also choose for hair transplantation, vlogger Nesim is being treated at HairWorld Istanbul


Not only women can have a hard time with their hair loss. This also clearly applies to men. And not only for older men, even young men can suffer from this. This was the case for vlogger or Youtuber Nesim Najih.

Hair transplant in Turkey for Nesim Najih

Nesim Najih found it annoying for some time that his hairline was fading further and further away. At one point he decided to do something about it. He decided to travel to Turkey for a ‘new hair’. He was initially treated at an unknown hair clinic. Striking about the hair transplant of Nesim is that he filmed almost everything. He showed videos of different steps of the treatment.

Nesim Najih

Widely covered in the media

The hair transplantation of Nesim in Turkey has been widely and extensively reported in the media. RTL Boulevard, Shownieuws, various newspapers and even on the radio. Why did Nesim opt for a hair transplant? And why did he go to Turkey for this? Are there so many young people who want to undergo a hair transplant? In reality, it appears that this is indeed the case. The appear to be many young men suffering from hair loss, with uncertainty as a result. With the help of a hair transplantation something can be done about this

Before and after care are essential for a nice result

A hair transplant is a relatively safe cosmetic procedure. With hair transplant, it is essential that there is good pre- and aftercare. Therefore, HairWorld Istanbul chooses to maintain close contact with their client after the hair transplant and also keeps an eye on every step of the recovery. Nesim had his first hair transplant at an unknown clinic in Turkey, which did not offer aftercare in the Netherlands. For this reason, HairWorld Istanbul provided him with a aftercare treatment, because the recovery of the treatment did not go as desired.


2nd hair transplant for Nesim: FUE CT hair transplant treatment

Because the first hair transplant did not go well, Youtuber Nesim was treated again. This time by the experienced doctors of HairWorld Istanbul. He has now chosen for the FUE CT hair transplant treatment. This hair transplantation method has several advantages over the standard FUE hair transplantation method. We will regularly share photos of the result of the last hair transplantation of Nesim. It is expected that the hair transplantation result will be optimal in about 9 months after the treatment.