Mascha Feoktistova & Gregor

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Mascha Feoktistova & Gregor

Gregor is an online entrepreneur and broker. He makes a lot of videos on Youtube and is very active on Instagram.

Yilmaz Kahraman: Why did you want to undergo a hair transplant?

Gregor: I tried to grow my hair for a while, but it did not really work out. When I saw what a hair transplant can do for your hair, I thought: Oh yeah! I want that! 

Yilmaz Kahraman: Why did you finally chose for Hairworld Istanbul (FUE CT)?

Gregor: After a number of conversations with several agencies, I still chose for Hairworld Istanbul (FUE CT) because I got the best feeling with you. I’ve seen what happened to a friend of mine, Rutger. It looks so good to him!

Yilmaz Kahraman: Were you nervous, if so why?

Gregor: No, not at all. Everyone was nice and super relaxed. 

Yilmaz Kahraman: How did you experience the treatment? 

Gregor: Fine! There was nice music, everybody was friendly and I got good food!

Yilmaz Kahraman: How did you felt immediately after the treatment?

Gregor: All good, only estimating height and depth was really weird. That did not functioned as it should be. Overall, I just felt good.

Yilmaz Kahraman: Is the result satisfying? 

Gregor: So far so good! I still have 4 months to go for the final result. I am confident!

Yilmaz Kahraman: How did your environment reacted and do you feel more secure?

Gregor: Everyone gets scared of all that hair every time! It also becomes more and I seem to look 5 years younger, everyone says. I never really felt insecure about my hair, but it is really nice that I do not have such a shiny head during filming!