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Nesim Ahmedi

Nesim Ahmadi was born in the Netherlands in Terneuzen and moved to Belgium in 2005. Until 2013 Nesim lived in Ghent. Under his rap alias Najih he made a number of tracks and became known for his participation in several editions of a recurring competition in freestyle rap called Punch Out Battles. In 2014 he worked as a television presenter for the digital theme channel of the public broadcaster 101TV and BNN-VARA. He was discovered through the annual talentscouting of BNN called ‘BNN Talentday’. Currently Nesim is one of the most influential and most watched youtubers.

Beertje van Beers: Why did you choose Hairworld Istanbul exactly? We know that you have had a bad experience with your previous hair transplant. Could you explain us what happend?

Nesim: Yes, last time I’ve been treated at a different clinic. The result was not what I had hoped for. I had a big crust on my head, also called Necrosis. It was pretty intense and this gave me a hard time. In addition, my head was also completely swollen. The clinic never gave any guidelines about what I can and cannot do, how to walk and how to posture. So, it turned out that the fluid that had been injected into my scalp came down. This resulted into a swollen face with a lack of eyesight. This is actually the perfect case of how NOT to do it.

Two weeks later Hairworld Istanbul contacted me. I was 23, almost bald so I actually had no choice. Unfortunately, I didn’t do my research before doing my hair transplant. So I picked up the first best clinic in Istanbul. But I’ve learned from it and I hope that other people will also learn from my mistake. Hairworld Istanbul has actually made sure that I’ve such a handsome head. I am very grateful to them for that!

Beertje van Beers: How did the hair transplant procedure go?

Nesim: The hair transplantation went very well. In retrospect, my head felt quite heavy but I did not experience any pain. Maybe only a little bit anaesthetized, but that was not so bad either. I was happy to hear that my Necrosis had been rectified.

Beertje van Beers: Are you satisfied with the result?

Nesim: I am more than satisfied! My hair also feels much thicker. I do not wear caps, even if I have not combed my hair. I’m so happy with my forest of hair!