Rick Paul

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Rick Paul van Mulligen, 37 years old. Actor. In addition to many stage roles, Rick mainly known from, the Great Improvisation Show, A’dam-E.V.A. (Drama series) and Rundfunk.

Yilmaz Kahraman: Why did you want to undergo a hair transplant?

Rick: Becoming bald made me insecure, especially because I see myself a lot in picture about due to my work. I could not accept it.

Yilmaz Kahraman: How did you end up at Hairworld Istanbul?

Rick: Through Thomas Cammaert. He introduced me to the company. After seeing other stories of their clients and their experiences, I became enthusiastic.

Yilmaz Kahraman: Were you nervous about your treatment?

Rick: I thought it was exciting. It is your head, you know. Is it going to hurt, can I endure the experience?

Yilmaz Kahraman: How did you like treatment?

Rick: It was a long day and it was also an intense experience. Fortunately not painful.

Yilmaz Kahraman: How did you feel after the treatment?

Rick: Good and tired. And a bizarre feeling that something like that happens in a day.

Yilmaz Kahraman: What do you think of the result so far?

Rick: I still have to wait, but for now it’s going well.

Yilmaz Kahraman: how are people you know reacting to this?

Rick: Everyone is positive and supportive. It takes courage to do it and I am glad i did it. I can not wait to see for the final result.