Stef Ekkel

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Stef Ekkel, born in Kampen on August 9, 1980, is a Dutch folk singer. He often sings about daily life. Ekkel grew up with Dutch music that was played at the Boterton cafe, the café of his parents. In 1998 Ekkel made his first appearance. In 2001, his first song Op ‘n terrasje was released in-house. This single was in the Dutch Top 20 for 8 weeks. The biggest hit in the
Netherlands is Waarheen, Waarvoor. This came in at number 8 in the Single Top 100.

Beertje van Beers: Stef, could you tell me how everything went regarding your hair transplant?
Stef Ekkel: After my intake interview in Vlaardingen, I was quickly convinced that I would undergo a hair transplant at Hairworld Istanbul. Unlike the name suggests, Hairworld Istanbul is not only in Turkey, but also in the Netherlands. The advantage of the Hairworld Istanbul office in Vlaardingen is that the intake, supervision and aftercare is done from the Netherlands and also in your own language. My next destination, Istanbul. A sign with my name went up in the airport hall and five minutes later I take place in a luxury taxi. Thirty-five minutes later I checked in for a blood test in the clinic and 15 minutes later I was checked into the Hilton hotel, which is a stone throw away from the clinic. We had a lovely dinner the evening before the operation. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to have wine. It is not allowed to consume alcohol 7 days before the procedure, to optimize the chances of success.
The next morning my alarm went off at half past eight. Took a shower, breakfast and off to the clinic. There I was stripped of all my hair and shortly thereafter I was already on the treatment table. The hair transplant is carried out in an ultra VIP A class international hospital, where Hairworld Istanbul has a whole floor for its own. Together with one of the specialists, my hairline was determined and after a few local anesthetics, the transplant team was ready to go. Every specialist had their own task. Depending on the thickness of the donor hair, the minuscule small hairs are removed with root and laid out separately. They call them grafts. A graft can contain one hair, but sometimes also three to six hairs. Subsequently, skin ducts were made for all my grafts (very small holes). Then three specialists placed the grafts with precision into my scalp. At the end, 3020 grafts were implanted.
After treatment, you are not completely there yet. I wanted an optimal result so I had to follow the protocol. This meant that every day I took my vitamin pills and washed my hair with
Hairworld Istanbul’s own developed vitamin shampoo. This is the result after six months!

Beertje van Beers: Wow, are you happy with it?
Stef Ekkel: So far, I am very happy with my surgery, see the result, look! I lost track of all the compliments I got last months. And than to think that the end result is only in a few months. I must also say, the aftercare is unique. With every question or uncertainty, you simply give a  call. I also received extensive documentation with answers to the most frequently asked questions.