Hair transplant experiences 

Before you undergo a hair transplant, it is wise to do your research on the experiences of others. You can do this online or by asking people who have already gone before. 

Hair transplant experiences at HairWorld Istanbul 

Many hair transplant experiences can be found online of people who have had a hair transplant at HairWorld Istanbul. Look for this on the Haarweb forum. 

Contact someone who has had a hair transplant with us! 

We have hundreds of satisfied customers every year. Some customers have indicated that they would be happy if you contact them, for questions about the treatment, the trip or about other hair transplant related topics. 

A hair transplant is an intervention to refill bald spots. By consulting hair transplantation experiences of others, you can better choose a specific hair clinic. You can search online for the following keywords: 

  • Hair transplant experiences HairWorld Istanbul. 
  • Hair transplant experiences in Turkey. 

You have probably heard before that Turkey is a very popular country to undergo cosmetic surgery. Here many eye laser treatments, hair transplants and denture treatments. The main reason is that this is cheaper in Turkey. By choosing an operation in this country you can often save a lot of money. 

Study experiences with hair transplant online, what do you have to pay attention to? 

Step 1 is therefore to search online for experiences with hair transplantation. The quality of these shared experiences differs per site and per shared experience. Have you ever heard of the Haarweb hair transplantation forum? Haarweb has existed for more than 10 years and is the medium to share such experiences. Thanks to the experiences that have been shared here in recent years, many people have been able to make a choice for a specific clinic. 

Note that Haarweb is a forum where many hair transplant experiences are shared, but that the quality per shared experience is very different. Among other things, they are shared experiences that give a clear picture of the entire process. Beware of shared experiences, where only a certain clinic is priced, without making clear why. It is of course advisable to dismiss such experiences. 

Hair transplant experiences of people you know? 

There is of course nothing more reassuring than an experience with hair transplantation of someone you know. The mouth to mouth experience is very important to HairWorld Istanbul. Thanks to such experiences you get a good picture of the hair clinic with which this person has come into contact. You can also look at the result of the treatment on the spot. A picture is of course beautiful to see, a video of a hair transplant result even better, but nothing goes above seeing the actual result on someone. 

A Testimony of Mrs. ‘Suzanne’ 

‘I like to share my hair transplant experience to help other people. I had a hair problem for years and I was very insecure because of the hair loss. On top of the head the hair became thinner and my hairline began to retreat further and further. Thanks to the FUE CT hair transplant at HairWorld Istanbul, I finally do not have to be insecure anymore. If only I had done this sooner! The treatment in Turkey went very well. I have always wanted to go to Istanbul for years, so i used this opportunity to combined the treatment with a mini-vacation with my husband. What a beautiful city it is, with a lot of attractions. In short, hair transplantation in Turkey at HairWorld Istannbul is highly recommended. ‘ 

Planning a free consultation? 

It is possible to send in your photos and receive a free quote based on that. We would also like to invite you for a free consultation at one of our locations in the Netherlands. HairWorld Istanbul specializes in hair transplantation in Turkey – Istanbul.