FUE CT Hair transplantation Women 

Hair loss in women
 Hereditary hair loss, Androgenetic Alopecia can cause hair loss in women. In addition to that, hair loss can also be caused by hair diseases, cancer, iron deficiency, stress, certain medications, reduced thyroid function or poor care of the scalp. To stabilize hair loss, we recommend a CTS hair loss treatment in combination with a 6 months FUE CT mineral and shampoo treatment. 70% of our clients experience deceleration of hair loss and improvement of the hair structure. This treatment is not a solution for places that are already bald. For the bald spots or places going bald we do recommend the FUE CT hair transplants for this. 

Key points 

  • The FUE CT hair transplant method is the best hair transplant technique for women and men. 
  • This method has a very strong follow-up protocol for the transplanted and existing hairs (including CTS hair loss treatment). With 97% customers satisfaction. 
  • The FUE CT technique is also very suitable for treating botched results from FUE, FUT or hair stem cell transplants. 
  • We have a lot of experience with women who have undergone a hair transplant with the FUE CT technique. Most of which you can see during consultation.  
  • FUE CT hair transplant is also possible without shaving the hair. 
  • Hair loss in women is often genetically determined but can also be caused by various other problems (vitamin deficiency, scalp problems, side effects medication / diseases) 
  • Only biological stimulants are used during FUE CT hair transplant (also with the aftercare). 
  • We do not recommend medications with side effects for hair growth. 


The FUE CT technique

The FUE CT technique is a unique hair transplantation method. 70-100% multi-grafts (hair follicles with 3 or more hairs) are transplanted. This way a very high hair density can be achieved. The multi-grafts must be placed in exactly the right direction and depth of the skin layer in order to fully blossom. The depth and direction of every person is different. That is why a team of plastic surgeons have developed 30 different treatment protocols for dermatologists and hair transplant specialists. With these protocols, everyone, regardless of age, gender or origin can now be treated effectively.

Stimulants during and after the FUE CT technique. 

During the FUE CT hair transplant several stimulants are given to stimulate blood circulation and strengthen the condition of the scalp. At 4 weeks and 4 months after the FUE CT hair transplantation, we advise to have 2x CTS hair loss treatment performed to obtain structurally better transplanted hair. This also makes existing hairs healthier and the hair loss is inhibited. After the hair transplant, the FUE CT mineral cure and blood flow stimulating FUE CT shampoo should be used until the end result. The most effect is seen when all three FUE CT stimulants are combined.

Shaving or not shaving? 

Women's most common question is whether a hair transplant without shaving hair is possible. The answer to that is always yes. However, it may be wiser for some balding women to shave off the hair in order to obtain the best possible result. However, this varies greatly per person. We can provide you with appropriate advice at a consultation. However, a non-hair shaving procedure is always possible and also leads to very good results! 

Women with afro textured hair can also be treated with the FUE CT technique. 

Often it is thought that afro textured hair cannot be treated. This is not the case with the FUE CT technique. Many balding men with afro textured hair have been helped with the FUE CT technique in the last years. Women can also be treated very well. 


Below you will find the results of some women who have been treated with us.