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7 Celebrities talk about their FUE CT TECHNIQUE Hair transplantation at Hairworldistanbul

FUE CT hair transplant of Simone at Hairworld Istanbul

Hairworld Istanbul – The best hair transplant clinic in Turkey

Get an optimal hair density and a beautiful and natural result, in one treatment. Choose Hairworld Istanbul, the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey. Thanks to our years of experience and the FUE CT method developed especially by Hairworld Istanbul, this is all possible. We have our own hair clinic in Turkey. Consultations takes place in our establishment in the Netherlands.

Besides The FUE and FUE CT treatments, you can also choose for:

  • Eyebrow transplant
  • Mustache and beard transplant
  • Eyelash transplant

The main reasons why Dutch celebrities choose for Hairworld Istanbul?

We are very proud to have treated lots of celebrities from the Netherlands and Belgium. We can mention dozens of reasons why they choose for us. The main reasons are listed below: 

  • We obtain the best results from all other hair clinics.
  • Hair transplantation for a fair price - More than 50% cheaper than other clinics in the Netherlands.
  • More then 10 years of experience and have already performed more than 10,000 hair transplants.
  • We are the only clinic in the world carrying out the innovative FUE CT hair transplant treatment.
  • We transplant up to 5,000 grafts in a day’s treatment.
  • Satisfaction and lifetime growth guarantee.

FUE CT hairtransplant

Follicular Unit Extraction circulation treatment (FUE CT), is the latest hair transplant technique in Turkey and the rest of the world. It is also the hair transplant technique with which we achieve beautiful and natural results.

Mustache and beardtransplant

The beard and mustache are an important part of the appearance of a man. they can also be features that defines a man's face. There may be several reasons to consider a mustache or beard transplant.

Eye lasering

Treat your eyes at a safe and reliable clinic. Eyes lasering has been a very popular operation in Turkey for more than 10 years. Choose a reliable and experienced clinic.

Plastic surgery

We also do facial plastic surgery. Surgeries like facelift, eyebrow lift, nose correction, eyelid correction, jaw, cheekbone correction and more.

Mascha Feoktistova & Gregor

Mascha Feoktistova & Gregor Gregor is an online entrepreneur and broker. He makes a lot of videos on Youtube and is very active on Instagram. Yilmaz Kahraman: Why did you want to undergo a hair transplant? Gregor: I tried to grow my hair for a while, but it did not really work out. When I

Thomas Cammaert

Thomas Cammaert Cammaert was born in Bornem, province of Antwerp. Then he moved to the Netherlands. Cammaert graduated in 2006 from the Amsterdam School of Drama and Kleinkunstacademie. He played in the stage performances In breathlessness towards death (2005), Don Carlos (2005), The woman of the past (2005) and The family Avenier (2007 [part 1

Rick Paul

Rick Paul van Mulligen, 37 years old. Actor. In addition to many stage roles, Rick mainly known from, the Great Improvisation Show, A’dam-E.V.A. (Drama series) and Rundfunk. Yilmaz Kahraman: Why did you want to undergo a hair transplant? Rick: Becoming bald made me insecure, especially because I see myself a lot in picture about due

Nesim Ahmedi

Nesim Ahmedi Nesim Ahmadi was born in the Netherlands in Terneuzen and moved to Belgium in 2005. Until 2013 Nesim lived in Ghent. Under his rap alias Najih he made a number of tracks and became known for his participation in several editions of a recurring competition in freestyle rap called Punch Out Battles. In

Mr. Polska

Mr. Polska Dominik Wlodzimierz Groot, born in Torun on July 20, 1989 in Poland, better known by his stage name Mr. Polska, is a Dutch-Polish rapper. Dominik studied at the Herman Brood Academy, which he completed in 2010. In 2007 he released an album under his own name called MC Polski. In December 2011 he received the

Stef Ekkel

Stef Ekkel, born in Kampen on August 9, 1980, is a Dutch folk singer. He often sings about daily life. Ekkel grew up with Dutch music that was played at the Boterton cafe, the café of his parents. In 1998 Ekkel made his first appearance. In 2001, his first song Op ‘n terrasje was released in-house. This single


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CTS treatment

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