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Hairworld Istanbul – Nr. 1 Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey

With One treatment the best results and perfect natural results? Choose for out hair transpplant solution in our clinic in Turkey.
Due to our experience and our research and development we developed the FUE CT treatment we make it possible to achive the best and natural result.
Hairworld Istanbul owns his own hair clinic in Turkey.Hair consults wil take place in The Netherlands.

Besides The FUE and FUE CT treatments, you can also choose for:

  • Eyebrow transplant
  • Mustache and beard transplant
  • Eyelash transplant

The most importent reason why people from the showbusiness choose for Hairworld Istanbul?

We are very proud to have people from the showbusiness out of The Netherlands, Belgium and Turkey.
We can mention dozens of reasons why the choose for us.
The main reasons are listed below:

  • The best results of all hair clinics.
  • Our price is helft of the price of regular clinics.
  • More then 10 years and more then 10 thousend treatments of experience.
  • We are the only clinic who applies the innovative FUE CT Hair transplant.
  • We can plant 5 thousend grafts in one treatment
  • Satisfaction and lifetime grow guarantee.

FUE CT hairtransplant

Follicular Unit Extraction, FUE, is the newest haartransplant technic in Turkije and the rest of the world. Using this technicwe are able to get the best results .

Mustache and beardtransplant

For man the beard and mustache are one of the most important symbols.There are dozens of reason to choose for a mustache or beard transplant

Eye lasering

Looking for a reliable eye lasering partner? More then 10 years people choose for a treatment in Turkey. By choosing us you have the wright reliable partner for eye lasering.

Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery of your face is possible to, like a facelift, a eyebrowlift, a nose correction, an eyelid correction, jaw and cheekbone correction etc.

Haartransplant sample videos

Hairtransplant rapper Lange Frans

Hairtransplant comedian Najib amhali


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