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7 Celebrities talk about their FUE CT TECHNIQUE Hair transplantation at Hairworldistanbul

FUE CT hair transplant of Simone at Hairworld Istanbul

About us

Are you looking for the shortest route to a fuller head of hair? Then Hairworld Istanbul is your starting point and final destination. Since our establishment in 2006, we have been constantly and passionately working on the development of ever better and more efficient hair transplantation techniques. In 2015 this led to the introduction of our unique FUE CT technique with which we have now successfully treated thousands of clients, including a large number of Dutch celebrities such as Najib Amhali, Lange Frans and Mr. Polska.

With a customer satisfaction percentage of over 97%, the FUE CT technique is indisputably one of the best performing techniques in the market, but that does not mean that we have come to rest on our laurels. On the contrary! Our development continues unabated, best proven by the fact that we can now also successfully perform our new, revolutionary FUE CT Stemcell treatments, as we have recently successfully done on actor Huub Smit, best known for his roles in Undercover and the popular New Kids series. (link to report).

If you choose Hairworld Istanbul, you do not only choose the most accurate treatment in the market and therefore the greatest chance of achieving the desired result in one go. You also choose the highest standards in terms of professionalism, quality, and safety. Hairworld Istanbul performs all its operations in an A-Class hospital with the JCI quality mark that meets the highest quality and safety requirements. In addition, we offer optimal guidance, before, during and also after treatment. At Hairworld Istanbul you are assured of our complete and professional aftercare that is performed in the Netherlands by Dutch BIG-registered doctors.

Transparency is our top priority. This is evidenced by the extensive reports about the complete treatment process that we offer you (link) and the many before and after photo reports that can be found on our site (links) of the treatments of many of our clients.

If you want more information about Hairworld Istanbul and the possibilities that we can offer you, please complete the application form which you will find here (link). We will respond quickly and are happy to answer all your questions.

Do you wish to immediately take the next step on your shortest path to a fuller head of hair? Then we would like to invite you to immediately make an appointment (link) for a consultation with one of our specialist who will be happy to discuss your hair requirements with you and tell you how Hairworld Istanbul can help you achieve them.

Besides The FUE and FUE CT treatments, you can also choose for:

  • Eyebrow transplant
  • Mustache and beard transplant
  • Eyelash transplant

FUE CT hairtransplant

Follicular Unit Extraction circulation treatment (FUE CT), is the latest hair transplant technique in Turkey and the rest of the world. It is also the hair transplant technique with which we achieve beautiful and natural results.

Mustache and beardtransplant

The beard and mustache are an important part of the appearance of a man. they can also be features that defines a man's face. There may be several reasons to consider a mustache or beard transplant.

Eye lasering

Treat your eyes at a safe and reliable clinic. Eyes lasering has been a very popular operation in Turkey for more than 10 years. Choose a reliable and experienced clinic.

Plastic surgery

We also do facial plastic surgery. Surgeries like facelift, eyebrow lift, nose correction, eyelid correction, jaw, cheekbone correction and more.
SHOWNIEUWS: HairWorld Istanbul treats well-known Dutch celebrities ‘Optimum quality for a fair price’ HairWorld Istanbul is known for its’ beautiful hair transplantation results in Europe. As the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey we have several famous people from home and abroad who come to be treated. Among others Stef Ekkel chose for a treatment
dean saunders

Dean Saunders

FUE CT hair transplantation Dean Saunders at Hairworld Istanbul More and more Dutch celebrities are choosing for a hair transplant at HairWorld Istanbul. Read here why. Why did Dean Saunders choose a hair transplant at HairWorld Istanbul? Dean Saunders has been in the news frequently in recent years. This makes him a subject of discussion,

Lange Frans

Lange Frans chooses FUE CT hair transplantation at HairWorld Istanbul Not only ‘Jan Modaal’ has choosen for a hair transplant in Turkey. More and more celebrities are also choosing to undergo a hair transplant in Turkey. For example, SBS6 recently showed the Business + program, which included Long French traveling to Istanbul for a FUE


Singer Brace opts for a FUE CT hair transplant at HairWorld Istanbul You might have noticed that in recent years many famous Dutch people have opted for the FUE CT hair transplant treatment at HairWorld Istanbul. The vocalist Brace also chose our hair transplant clinic and the best hair transplantation method at this moment; The


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Hair stimulating vitamin

CTS treatment

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