"None other than Dutch international football player Denny Landzaat, Assistant Trainer at Feyenoord has recently undergone a FUE-CT STEMCELL hair transplant at HWI"

Also the famous actor Huub Smit known from the internationally known Netflix series "Undercover" and the film "New kids turbo" has chosen our FUE CT STEMCELL hair transplantation technique.

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In addition to its very successful "FUE-CT" hair transplant, Hairworld Istanbul will now offer the opportunity to go even further ahead and improving our hairtransplant results using a unique type of stem cells.
The goal of Hairworld Istanbul is to be a leader in the field of hair transplants, not only in the Netherlands but throughout the world. That is why we are always looking for ways to improve our hairtransplant-techniques, so that everyone can be eligible for a hair transplant.

 scientific studies about this subject.



A bone marrow transplant, also called stem cell transplantation, is a treatment against certain types of cancer such as leukemia, multiple myeloma or certain lymph node cancer.
In the past, a stem cell transplant was primarily referred to as a bone marrow transplant, because the cells were collected from the bone marrow.
Today, stem cells are mainly collected from the blood and adipose tissue rather than from the bone marrow. That is why it is called stem cell transplantation.
Why is bone marrow and stem cell so important?

A part of your bones, called "bone marrow," makes blood cells. Bone marrow is a soft, spongy substance that occurs in the bones. It contains cells called "hematopoietic" stem cells. These cells can mutate in different types of cells such as bone marrow cells or in different types of blood cells.
Recent research has also shown that stem cells have a very beneficial effect on heart muscle. The heart muscle is vital and it is precisely this organ that is unable to repair itself.

An injection of stem cells into a badly damaged heart ensures that new blood vessels are created to supply new muscle cells with fresh blood after years of scientific research

After years of scientific research, Hairworld Istanbul has a breakthrough in the field of stem cells in connection with hair transplants. People with hair problems, complete baldness, hair thinning or are eligible for a FUE-CT STEMCELL hair transplant.

How does it work?

Stem cells are extracted from the fat tissue of the body. The stem cells are processed with the unique FUE-CT STEMCELL technique and introduced in the scalp. In contrast to the regular stem cell treatment SVF (stromal vasculer fraksiyon) in which stem cells are extracted and introduced directly in teh scalp, the unique FUE-CT STEMCELL technique processes the stem cells in a GMP laboratory (Turkey's only tissue laboratory) for 6 weeks. After this, it is meticulously introduced into the functional scalp layer by a specialized team of plastic surgeons. The patient has to travel to Istanbul twice, so far the technology is available in the Netherlands.

The function of the stem cell is to optimize the scalp, hair roots and blood circulation. Given the problems with people with frizzy hair, people with a weak donor area, people who have already undergone surgery elsewhere, people with scalp problems, HWI now has the total offer for a hair transplant.

FUE-CT STEMCELL ensures a regenerated scalp and the production of new micro-blood cells that ensure healthy hair growth.

HWI has already treated many patients with the FUE-CT STEMCELL. None other than Denny Landzaat, Assistant Trainer of Feyenoord and the famous actor Huub Smit known from the internationally known Netflix series "Undercover" and the film "New kids turbo" have chosen our FUE CT STEMCELL hair transplantation technique.